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What can Yaotai Technology offer to you? One-stop service solution. From material, manufacturing, surface treatments, package, to ship. Preparing your pen and signing your products.
Yaotai Technology is well known for offering one-stop solutions for precision OEM parts, which include CNC machined parts, turned parts, aluminum panels, heat sinks with fans, forged parts, die casting parts, stamping metal parts and etc.
Since 1999, Yaotai Technology has begun manufacturing various of precision metal and plastic parts according to customers' design and ideas, these parts are applicable for computers, telecom, household appliances, automotive electronics, drones, industrial, robots, automation, security, led, and medical devices...
All our materials are RoHS and Reach compliant to meet environmental protection standards and also to satisfy the stringent demand of our customers and marketplace.

Dongguan Yaotai Technology Co., Ltd.

Contact us now and tell us your ideas & send drawings, our team is here for you.




Our advanced CNC machines,drilling machines,punch machines,Tapping machines and Riveting machines can meet customers’ variety requests.



22 years of industry experience, helps hundreds of customers save cost and win more business.



Accuracy tolerance +/-0.005mm, advance inspection equipments, veteran engineers help control quality anytime.


One-stop Services

From material,manufacting, surface treament,test,packing,and shipping. What you only need to do is sign your products.



All customers’ information will be highly protected in our systems.



All your emails can be responded to within 15hours.



What will you concern if dealing with Yaotai?

A.How long will be the production lead time?

Yaotai: The shortest lead time can be one week for your urgently need. In general, it is 2-3weeks for our production. If any parts need building mould like die casting parts, forging parts, stamping parts, the lead time is about 3-4weeks.

B.How will Yaotai arrange the shipment?

Yaotai: First, we follow our customer’s requirements.
If the goods is less than 200KG, we suggest to ship via air or express(DHL, FedEx, UPS or TNT).
If the goods is more than 200KG, then ship via sea will be better.
However, as the transportation cost keep changing, we will check with our forwarder for the costs of all the possible ways before any shipments. And offer all the solutions to our customer so that they can choose the one they need.

C.What is the product manufacturing process?

1. Engineers and sales analyzing the technical and quality requirements of customer’s product
2. Engineers determining the key manufacturing process
3. Choosing the request material
4. Reviewing each detailed manufacturing processes
5. Indentifying machines,fixtures, tools that required for each process.
6. Formulating quality control standards
7. Debugging machines,arranging mass production and control
8. 100% appearance inspection and packing
9. Arranging delivery